Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, the checkbook didn't asplode...

but there isn't a lot left in it. I have one more month to get a couple of things settled down and then I might be able to see the middle of the tunnel. I'm not sure about an end. It's over there somewhere.

The run to the convention and home took 2 tanks of gas which was just $70 approximately. Thank you, Iowa, for subsidizing your ethanol production. I get better gas mileage on the mid-grade with ethanol and it's always cheaper, for those who have never experienced Iowa gasoline. The quarter tank I currently have should last until mid-week as I don't have any place to go other than Target.

I need more garbage stickers and I really should see the doctor about my shoulder. Getting my allergy meds would be nice or a hair cut. I've discovered there's a lot you'll tolerate when you just can't afford it and every penny has to be accounted for and used in the best way possible.

I've come so far yet it doesn't seem far enough.

Beverage: Cherry Coke


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