Thursday, February 4, 2010


Upon completion of my taxes, I decided I deserved something as a reward. I have no ice cream in the house, having consumed the rest of the Haagen Das White Chocolate Raspberry a week ago. I've had this craving for cake lately but have had too many other things to do to actually bake one. And yes, I'd make it from scratch, thank you very much. I know how to do that and it's not hard.

Mead. April and Perry gave me three bottles of mead back in August. He said one bottle was drinkable then but the other two needed to sit until probably Christmas.

Well, honestly, the thought of orange mead didn't appeal to me. I had visions of
ORANGE and not some beverage that was complex or maybe orange flavored. I like orange but it can get way over-powering.

But, around New Year's Perry mentioned the orange mead was now ready and he was very pleased with how it came out. When I finished my taxes and got the receipt that they had been sent, I knew I needed to celebrate and my first thought was the mead. "Well, Perry says it's good now. I should try it."

I have a big bottle and a small bottle. I opened the small bottle and took a whiff. Very light, pleasing scent. I poured out a glass full and took a swig. Wow! Mead can be a love it hate it drink. This is incredibly smooth with just enough orange that you know there's orange but not enough that orange is all you taste. It is very drinkable and is just perfect.

Now part of me wants to consume all of it, it's that good. The other part of me wants to keep some set aside for very special occasions. But I don't know how home made mead keeps. I'm probably better off drinking the stuff than trying to extend some shelf life.

I can't wait to play World of Warcraft on Saturday. We have this ritual before we get started with the evening's events. "Hey Zel? What's the beverage for tonight?" Zel then lists what he's starting with and what else might be on the menu if the raid runs long. I can't wait to chime in, "I'm drinking 'Joe's Ancient Orange Mead'. Beat that!"

In case you're wondering, yes, I gave the ladies a sniff. They both looked at me as if I was insane. I swear there were wrinkled up noses under all that fur.

So here's to Perry and my new raiding drink!

Beverage: Scottish Blend tea (No, I can't drink mead at the office.)


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