Sunday, February 28, 2010

I really do need a hair cut.

Great-aunt Debbie holds a slightly unamused Wyatt. This is my niece's son. He's almost 8 months old now and would so like to walk. He doesn't really crawl so much as a semi-scoot, and he pulls himself up on everything. But he's got a wonderful even temperament and didn't mind sitting with me for a bit.

The hair is shoulder length now. I cut my own bangs, such as I can. The little tan streaks you see are what's left of a dye job from last year. I kind of like the length, but I'm also thinking of cutting it short, short. I'm not sure how that would look. It comes down to cost, however. A $40 haircut is not in the budget. As long as I can keep the bangs off my face, I can wait.

Beverage: Chocolate hazelnut tea


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