Saturday, March 28, 2015


I try to get the girls some exercise but they are, like me, rather sedentary. I have seen videos of cats going bonkers over the ring with the ball in it. The animal welfare site I frequent happened to have a ring on sale for 50% off, so I thought, "What's one more thing to clutter up the living room floor?" 

The middle cardboard was catnip impregnated. Mija could smell that through the plastic wrap. I pulled off the identification paper and found some sticky stuff. 

It took a good 10 minutes to get this off the cardboard. I was not impressed with this. As it's encouraging cats to scratch, I don't want this in their claws where it could be ingested. Mija was in my face about the smell of catnip. I couldn't smell anything but she kept wanting to see what I had. 

You can see the sticky stuff on the center cardboard. They sent a bag of organic catnip, too. That fell on the floor and Pilchard found it. I had to take it away before she chewed through the plastic bag. 

I set the thing on the floor. It was sniffed, but once on the floor, they quickly lost interest. I then added catnip to the cardboard and Pilchard took to it. Mija prefers her catnip on the large scratching pads I have for them. I need to get more catnip, too. Horrors. We are almost out. 

I showed the girls what they can do with the ball. They both looked at me like I was crazy. Years ago, we had a tube that had a ball in it. It was covered with cut outs in places. Several of the cats we had loved the thing. I spent a good 10 minutes making the ball go 'round and 'round. Mija walked away. Pilchard jumped up onto the cat tree and watched me. So, I gave up. When I came back into the living room a couple hours later, Pilchard had figured out what the thing is for. 

Yes.../sigh. I have heard someone playing with it when I'm in the office. I come out and it's usually Pilchard who is walking away. Maybe it will just take time for them to figure out what it's for. 

In the same package, I got something for myself. 

I won't post a photo of the mitt it replaced. When you can feel the heat of a cookie sheet through your oven mitt, it's time to replace it. Plus, I couldn't get all the stains out. I'm not sure about giving it away. I think the expectation would be that it provides protection from oven heat and it doesn't do that well anymore. I think it's a toss. 

Since getting the new mitt, I haven't cooked anything requiring the oven. Figures. Oh well, at least I have something when I do. 

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  1. My cats never did take to the tunnel,though Treasure would run through it once in a while. I doubt I will try the trackball.Heck, they don't bother with the Ess!
    Nancy and the kitties