Wednesday, March 18, 2015

So You Don't Have To

Members of my World of Warcraft guild mentioned I needed to be on the look-out for these.

I happened to see a small group in the store so I bought a bag. My initial reaction, "Meh". That reaction didn't get any better as I ate through the package.

I don't know if the package I got was stale but the creme centers were crumbly, not at all creamy, as I've come to expect. The chocolate cookies were hard, overly crunchy. Usually, when you dip an Oreo in milk, the milk will soften the cookie. If you leave it in the milk too long, it can disintegrate. I didn't have that issue with the chocolate cookies in this package. The creme filling did disintegrate and turned the milk pink, but left a sugar residue in the bottom of the glass. That was wholly unappetizing.

Last year, I tried Oreos with a lemon center. Of all the flavored centers they have released in the past several years, that is my favorite. The lemon was not overpowering. The problem with the berry flavor was that there wasn't enough of it. The vanilla creme has a flavor. The chocolate creme has a flavor. It felt like they took unflavored creme, added food coloring and then passed some synthetic berries near the vat and called it a day. Make no mistake about this. There may be a nice stock photo of a strawberry and a raspberry on the cover, but those berries are nowhere to be found in this cookie. It's all artificially flavored. The only "natural" flavor was the cocoa in the cookie.

They do look like the package cover, with a glossy sheen to the creme. They separate easily, almost too easily. I'd like to have to work a bit to pull the Oreo apart.

The bottom line is that I won't buy these again, not even on sale. I was very disappointed in the lack of berry flavor and the toughness of the cookie. Perhaps it was my bag, but I'm not inclined to buy another package to see.

Beverage:  Huckleberry tea


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