Monday, June 3, 2013

The Scents of Summer and Beyond

Now that I have finished using up the scented lotion, it's time to look to actual cologne and what I could use up next. I decided to gather up all the like sized bottles and use those up. Cologne mini's, I think would be the "technical" term.

Sometimes, in lieu of those small tubes of scent, you'll get these. The manufacturer thinks, by giving you a bigger volume which means you'll be wearing the scent longer than in the small tubes, you'll like it more and be more inclined to buy the full-size bottle. Perhaps that works on some women, but it really doesn't work on me. I look at a mini-bottle as a gift and I probably won't be back to get your cologne mainly because, as you can see, I don't need it. Eleven bottles of cologne say I'm good until next year, probably.

You've seen one of these before. The gray box of Michael Kors was a sample I got for which I needed to pen a review last year. In accepting the cologne to try, I was, supposedly entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card. I never got the $500. Instead, I got a test bottle of rather inoffensive cologne.

I've mentioned before how I used to use Clinique cosmetics exclusively. Every time they had "Clinique Days" at Macy's, I was there to get my freebies which often included cologne. Hence, you see four orange topped bottles. The frosted glass topped bottle to the right of the Michael Kors box is also a Clinique cologne. I'm going to be wearing Clinique "Happy" for a long time. I haven't decided if I will just wear that one all the time until all these orange topped bottles are gone or if I will wear something in between bottles.

I decided to start with the pink-topped bottle on the far right. That's probably the oldest bottle of all of these. It contains Avon "Apple Blossom" cologne. I liked this fragrance a lot. It does smell like apple blossoms and I've had the experience of, while wearing this, being chased by a bee who thought I was a flower. (If you are having problems with bugs while outside in the spring and summer, it might be your cologne.) There's about a quarter of the bottle left. A search of Avon's web site indicates they no longer make this as a cologne. I could get it as a bubble bath. I don't know if the inability to buy it is good or bad. Customer tastes change and perhaps the market for this kind of floral scent has passed. Once I've used up the cologne, I'll just recycle the bottle. I have a lot of ancient scents, no longer made, that I will be, eventually, using up.

Apple Blossoms was started last Tuesday. I don't wear scents every day so it will be interesting to see how long some of these last. On another positive note, moving all these mini-bottles from the container on the dressing table to the top of the dresser left a hole the right size for those odd socks I have which need their mate.

Beverage:  Dr Pepper


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