Friday, June 21, 2013

Scaring the Cats

The annual rite of summer happened last weekend. It was the Prospect Street block party. When Carole was in grade through high school, I helped organize this. For about 5 years, we didn't even have them, preferring to just go to Jill and Zeke's on July 4th for a bbq and pool party. But people with kids are back in the neighborhood now and this is a great way to bond.

The street is closed from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and we have always, always started with a parade going from north to south along the block. I was cleaning litter boxes when I heard the police siren. Darned if that didn't sound very close, like within a couple of houses from me. The girls took off for their safe places and I ran to the front door.

Oblivious to the time, I had no idea it was time for the party. 

I think it's great when the police come to an event like this. The officer parked in the middle of the block and let the kids look inside his patrol car, sit in the back for pictures and ask him anything. The kids asked if he'd ever fired his gun. He hadn't except at the shooting range to keep his skills sharp. Yes, this car was brand new and he really liked it. You want your neighborhood to build up a good rapport with the police so when something goes wrong, there is trust there. The last time we did this, years ago, the police officer, had to leave in the middle of her talk because she was called out. 

I came back to the house and the girls were out of their hiding places but still agitated. If we lived on a major street, I think they would get used to the sound of sirens. But, if I lived on a major street, I probably wouldn't pay attention to sirens and go see what was up. I think I'll put up with cats scattering to the winds so I know what's happening in my neighborhood. 

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