Monday, June 17, 2013


This is my annual June post. I realize I'm preaching to the choir of the few of you who are regular readers but, if you are so inclined, please pass this along.

June is "Adopt a Cat" month. Why should you adopt a cat?

Because they look so adorable sleeping on your right arm while you're trying to read.

Because they lower your blood pressure.

Because they give you unconditional love.

Because they will kill flies if they can catch them.

Because they will let you know where the fly or moth is by sitting below it and staring.

Because they don't need to be walked.

Because they are extremely content to be in the house even if you're sitting outside on the deck.

Because having a purring cat sleeping next to you is pretty close to heaven on earth.

And because some of them don't want anything more exotic than a box or two or three or four...

Beverage:  Lady Gray tea


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