Saturday, August 11, 2012

Much Shredding

It's the kind of day where the little loose ends are being tidied up. I ran an errand to get more fabric for the next cross-stitch project. Please don't cluck at me. I know I have Aida cloth up the ying yang but I want to use something I saw several months ago for the next project. I had to get my next script of methotrexate anyway so combine the two into one trip.

With that being done, I did another load of wash, washed rugs, swept another floor, washed a couple of windows, sorted one stack of things to save and decided it was time to deal with the shredding.

I save all my bills for a year and then after I get my tax refund, I shred them. Plus, anything over 7 years old can be shredded now, although some things, like refinancing information and tax returns I save for 10 years. Going through the filing cabinet yielded quite the pile. It's been on the small table in the office for several months. Time to shred it.

I had to empty the shredding container 3 times to get through all of this. I shouldn't let things pile up. I have the shredder here to my left in the office. I can just shred things, like credit card offers, instantly. I don't need to put them in some "to be shredded" pile. It's just another pile then.

This simple act has made the office feel lighter.

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