Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Sort of Organized

Last Saturday, I finally got around to organizing the closet full of fabric in the office. I started with these boxes.

The top box is one I brought from the office. It's now the "Projects" box. The hexagon quilt pieces reside there, as do some tee shirts I was going to decorate and a couple of unfinished clothing items. The middle and bottom boxes I've had in the house for awhile. Items are just stuffed into them.

These two boxes contain fabric I've purchased over the years. The pinkish pillow is from the old sofa-sleeper we got rid of decades ago. I keep thinking I'm going to recover it. I probably should just give it away.

It took the better part of the afternoon to go through all of these boxes and the box of fabric I brought from mom's back in March. I wanted to put things into the same kind of box, these boxes in which we get paper at the office, but we didn't have any. We've gone to a bit more electronic reports and we don't have the huge jobs right now that required paper copies of reports so we aren't going through paper as we were. I just have to watch for the next time we get paper and snatch the nearly empty box then.

The sorting process and what I found will be covered in subsequent blog posts. It took all afternoon but now the closet looks like this.

In my somewhat addle-pated state when I look at the closet, I think I should have a little envelope glued to the front of each fabric box that has a color photo of each hunk stuck in that box. That would make finding the fabric when I want to sew it, easier. Yeah right. I'm just going to be happy I got this far. Sorted and labeled is a huge victory. Pilchard "celebrated" the emptying of the box I brought from Iowa.

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