Thursday, August 2, 2012


"The Iowa Hawkeyes will open the 2012 football season on September 1 against the Northern Illinois Huskies at Soldier Field in Chicago."

Saturday, September 1st, the football season kicks off in a big way. My company worked on the reconstruction of Soldier Field some 10 years ago. Although I've been by it dozens of times, I've never been inside it to see how it looks. I'd seen a couple of Bears games in the mid-1980's so it would be interesting to see how the interior has changed.

I sort of knew this was upcoming but really didn't shove it to the forefront of my consciousness. Had I done so, perhaps I'd be planning a trip there. I don't remember when the last time was I saw my Hawkeyes in person. Soldier Field has a lot of parking and the Chicago Park District runs shuttle busses from all the train stations and from the Millennium Park garages to the game. In theory, I could walk to the train north of my house, take that into the city and catch a bus to the stadium. It would be cheaper and probably take just as long, given the amount of traffic expected. I honestly expect, for a 2:30 p.m. game, the Hawkeye faithful will be in line at 6 a.m. to get into the lot. That's just kind of how we are.

This is a fantastic event in actuality. The Chicagoland area has a high number of Hawkeye fans and Northern Illinois is a 2 hour drive west of the city. A lot of people have both schools as alma maters. I'm kind of surprised the game isn't completely sold out but there will probably be as many NIU fans as there are Hawkeye fans.

According to Tickemaster, I could still get a ticket if I wished to fork over $70.85 plus fees. These aren't very close in seats but I've been in nosebleed sections and end zones when all the scoring in the game was on the other side of the stadium. It's the Hawkeyes. Half the fun is just being there. If I have $125, I can get a closer in seat. If I had the ticket, my decisions would be on how painful would it be to sit in traffic to park versus how painful to stand on a bus going from the train station to the field. Hmmmmm.

Maybe I should just hope this is on free TV where I can watch it from the comfort of my recliners. No lines for the bathroom and no outrageous prices for a hot dog and a soda.

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