Monday, August 20, 2012

Quilt Squares

The latest box of fabric sent back with me by mom contained the following brown paper bag squares. I remember these. Home made quilt square templates.

After I would make something, extra fabric was sized to see if any of it would have enough to cut quilt squares from. I don't know when I made these. I was still living at home, I think. I was quite astounded they had been saved.

What was even more astounding was the quilt squares that were still around.

This was one stack I found in the box. I went through a preponderance of blue fabric purchases. I guess, just like Picasso, I had a blue period. Below was even more surprising. 

 Stacks. Three separate stacks of quilt blocks. I just need to start assembly. 

Here I am again although, unlike the hexagons, these need to be sewn together to make the larger blocks which are sewn together for the quilt. I remember the pink to the left. That was a top. I don't remember the origins of the other pieces. 

I put these back in the box. I'm not mentally ready to embark on a quilting attempt right now. Maybe next year. I did have a laugh at the "Viking" label on the brown paper. I remember when brown paper bags had no imprint on them. They could not be beaten for crafting paper. Can you even get plain brown paper bags to decorate anymore?

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