Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is Niles and Jenn's RSVP card for their wedding. If you've ever done Mad Libs, you'll recognize this. I thought I'd ask for some inspired responses.

Of course I'm going. I wouldn't miss this in the world. Now, under number attending, I need a mathematical formula where the product is 1. I don't have a whole lot of room there. I could just do 1,999 -1,998, but I'm sure someone has a great suggestion.

Next, I need an emotion. I don't want the usual emotions either. "Delighted"? Only if that means I removed a light somewhere. "Honored"? Well, yes. I am honored and humbled that they want me to attend. It does mean a great deal to me. After the emotion, I need an adjective and a noun. I can probably come up with those so the sentence seems to make sense but really doesn't. You know, like I talk early in the morning before the tea kicks in.

As for what song the DJ doesn't play, there isn't enough paper on the planet to list all of those. I wonder if they are creating a list of songs to play at the wedding. That would be rather funny. I should come up with something really obscure.

Notice I don't have to send this back until April 23rd, but I'm going to send it within the week. I'm afraid if I wait any longer, I will forget and that is not a good thing when I'm looking forward to this. I'm kind of sad I can't fill out the bottom. I'm either tracking the exotic lemur in Madagascar or polishing my prized widget signed by Dizzy Dean. Widget polishing has saved my sanity.

Beverage:  Dr Pepper



  1. By far the most beautiful formula for "1" ever concocted is the so-called "Euler's Identity":

    1 = - e ^ (pi * i)

    Oddly, if you take 'e' (2.72.. or the 'golden' number) and raise it to the product of pi (mmm, circular pie) and i (the imaginary number), and negate things you get, of all the numbers on earth . . . one.

    Which is to say:

    0 - 2.72 ^ (3.14 * squareroot(-1)) = 1

    This is weird beyond measure yet beautiful in it's compleatness and simplicity.

  2. I'd go with that ^
    It's way cooler than what I was going to suggest.