Monday, February 6, 2012

Serious Stitching

I completed these items on the project on Friday. I was going to continue working on this on Saturday but you know how things go. I decided to upload a file folder of photos of my World of Warcraft guild. That took awhile. Then, I burned 2 CD's worth of images which were erased off my hard drive. Then, I burned two CD's of guild movies. While things were burning, I tidied the computer desk and decided to tidy up around it, finding some things I've been looking for and things I didn't know I had.

You know how it goes. Do a load of wash and work on dishes and suddenly, the whole day is gone. On the face of it, I hadn't cleaned anything that could be discerned, but clearing space on my computer hard drive is a good thing.

So, Sunday afternoon was devoted to stitching.

It's beginning to look like something.

Beverage: Darjeeling tea


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