Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend With Needle

I spent part of the weekend enjoying a comforting visit with my friend, my tapestry needle. You can see the body is finished. It does look a little creepy when I walk by the piece on the magazine stand and it's missing the head. I'm taking a day off this week to get the car fixed so I intend to make more head way (pun definitely intended) on this.

The other thing I did was prepare the goose sampler and the Christmas cross-stitch banner for finishing. This is, of course, never a simple process. First, I had to wash the bathroom sink. I needed to do it anyway but I'm one of those people that unless I have company, some stuff doesn't get cleaned. It had been a couple months since I had thoroughly washed and scrubbed the sink bowl.

So, of course, it stops draining. That meant adding Liquid Plummer to the Target purchase list. Once purchased and poured in the drain, it took all of 10 minutes to clear the clog and get the water draining again. Then, I could finish scrubbing the bowl, and hand wash both pieces for eventual finishing. I had just enough Woolite left for these two pieces.

I've had this bottle for years. This is, pretty much, the only thing I used it for, hand washing my stitching projects. I try to avoid buying clothing that requires hand washing. Now I have to replace this, I'm wondering if there is something better for stitching. I guess a little research will be in order.

On Thursday, the goose sampler will be dropped off for framing and I'll buy the components needed to finish the banner. Finishing the banner. Doesn't seem possible. I've had the stitching done for years. Silly procrastinating person me. This year is the year I finish some of this stuff. Hooray!

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