Sunday, July 16, 2017

Amazing Feets

I said, back after Christmas, I didn't need more socks. I have not posted the photos of the socks I received from Carole and Larry for Christmas. I'm getting there. Other photos demand attention.

The sock drawer is quite crammed but I can't go anywhere without seeing socks I NEED. Well, "need" is, really, too strong of a word, but "want" doesn't quite cover it. I found these and they made their way into my sock drawer.

I had no Easter socks.

I'm also on the look-out, next year, for some with colored eggs on them. The dark pink bow on the rabbit has sparkly bits.

Then, I stumbled upon these in a notice from one of the booksellers whose catalogue I get.

Library card socks. I could get them in light blue or yellow. The yellow tugged at my nostalgia. They were $2.50 a pair. How could I resist? (I also bought some fun Christmas cards from this retailer because the handling charge tripled the cost of the socks. It's not a deal if you wind up paying $9.00 for handling.)

I have this weakness. Is there a Sock-aholics Anonymous? Or maybe I simply need a bigger drawer?

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