Monday, November 3, 2014

Curtains In Place

The curtains were put in place on the 23rd. I neglected to take before photos.

The Star Wars comic kitchen curtains.

The Star Trek home office curtains. The walls are a dove gray here which worked very well with the gray in the design. The original curtains, from Wal*Mart, were camel colored. Once on the floor, they were claimed, almost instantly, by Tobey.

The Star Wars dining room curtains. The curtains in the kitchen and above had been a dark red.

And the back door curtains. These had been a white lace.

Carole and Larry were thrilled. It was fun to see them get excited over curtains. They weren't going to tell friends who come to their annual Halloween party. They were going to see who noticed.

Beverage:  Black Cherry Seltzer


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