Tuesday, December 17, 2013


A year ago, at this time, we were wondering if Old Man Winter had neglected us. While we have not seen the large amounts of snow in other locations, we have had measurable snows which require shoveling. It began on Friday night and continued into Saturday.

The deck's not so bad. I can, more or less, shove the snow through the slats to the ground. It's not been a good snowball snow. It's much more light and fluffy. That makes it much easier for me to move around.

I shoveled off the deck and then shoveled a path to the Jeep. This way, I don't have to always wear boots to and from the car. When this was done, it was time to tackle the front.

I heard a neighbor rev up his snow blower and had the thought that it would be really nice if he would blow out the front walk for me. If I have to shovel, I probably wouldn't get it all done on Saturday. To my surprise, he had. So that meant the only shoveling for me was the walk from the house to the front and the front steps. That I can do.

It's hard to judge how I did this year. I know I didn't shovel as much snow since my RA diagnosis as I did on Saturday. I have shoveled, to be sure, but it's been about a couple of inches. This was more like 4-5. It was not painful but I did rest for an hour after finishing. I didn't see any residual aches or pains from doing this. This makes me really happy for the rest of the winter. As long as we don't get a huge dumping of heavy, wet snow, I can shovel and not worry that I will suffer the next day. It's also probably good exercise as long as I remember to bend my knees and work slowly.

I do think it's probably time to put this pot away.

I don't see any flowers anymore.

Beverage:  Darjeeling tea


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