Thursday, December 5, 2013


I don't know when it started, my putting stickers on envelopes. I remember a friend who has a teenage daughter telling me that her daughter, when she was much younger, loved to find letters from me in their mail box. She would spend hours carefully peeling the stickers off the envelope or cutting around them and gluing them into a sticker album. Over the years, friends have said they always knew when I wrote or sent a card just by looking at the envelope.

But, today, I had three people, people who do not know each other, tell me affixing stickers to envelopes is "childish", "dumb" and "stupid". One went so far as to say I shouldn't send them anything anymore if I was going to put stickers on it, because they were embarrassed by what their mailman thought when he stuck the envelope in their mailbox.

It was just something fun to do, something to let someone know it was a card or a letter from me. So much of what arrives in the mail is junk or worse. I thought, perhaps, in a very small way, I was providing a bit of cheer. It seems I grossly over estimated cheer or what passes as cheer. I never intended to embarrass someone under any circumstances.

So, I'll be discontinuing this practice immediately. Some of you have festooned envelopes with Christmas cards winging their way to you as we speak. I dumped a bunch in the mailbox after work. I'm sorry if you've never liked this and just didn't know how to tell me to knock it off and a Christmas card arrives in a couple days with hearts and flowers or Smurfs or glitter bugs on it. I can assure you, it won't happen again.

Why should I care what people think about their cards? Hasn't it given me a lot of happiness over the years to slap stars or holiday stickers on envelopes? I have enjoyed it. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have continued it all these many years. But three people, independent of each other; people who don't know each other and who are united only by being my friend have said they find sticker festooned envelopes stupid and childish and it makes me look bad. One admonished, "For a woman your age, to be covering an envelope with stickers is extremely tacky. You're better than this." I assume that for the three who spoke up, there are more who never felt they could. You don't have to now. I will not send more cards with stickers on them.

My friend, Meredith, has been a huge source of stickers over the past 2 years that I've had the wonderful pleasure of counting her a friend. These didn't cost me anything. If there is the thought that this cost me a lot of money, it hasn't. I also never bought stickers when they weren't on sale. That has always been a rule.

Again I apologize if you were embarrassed by or for me. The practice has ended and won't be resumed. Thank you for being honest.

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  1. I think it's amazing that you do things like this for the people in your life, and it's upsetting to me that people would say something so unnecessary. Unless all of the stickers say "I hope your holiday sucks, and by the way this card is cursed", then what's the problem? Actually, If you find a sticker that says that, send it to me. I'll put it on my fridge.

  2. I'd still like stickers on my envelopes please. :( I always know it's a letter from you when I see an envelope covered in stickers. It's fun. HUGS! I'm sorry that people were so hurtful to you.

  3. Just tell who it was and we take them out at the kneecaps I look forward to every card note or other surprise ..

  4. I love getting cards from you with all those stickers! As you know, you get mine in the same condition. ;) I've loved stickers all of my life, and I always will! Even if you don't put them on mine (and I would like them), I'll always put them on yours!

  5. Well, I am a person "of that age" and I started doing the sticker thing only in the past few years.If nothing else, it lets people know it's not a bill or bad news :)
    I like "childish,dumb and stupid" because the world is already too stressed out and I think we could use a bit of sillyness.
    Being of that "certain age" we no longer care what people think of us. We are who we are and are not likely to change now. So go ahead and bling those cards!!
    For the objectors, send e-cards and bling the he** out of those ;)
    Nancy and the kitties

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and purrs when our Tillie crossed the Bridge.
    We miss her SO much.

  6. Hi - In all the time I have known you, which is close to forever, I have never entered a comment on your blog. I enjoy it more to share our comments over dinner at Steak n Shake, I-Hop, or Baker's Square.
    How could anyone not get a kick out of the stickers? They always make me smile and think, "only Deb - this is so her." You bring happiness to so many, please don't let a few who haven't embraced the joy of growing older dampen your enthusiasm.
    Love you & the puppies lots and dinner soon, Pam