Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is That a Bit of Green?

For some reason, Mija was all over the organ in the living room on Sunday afternoon. Something had attracted her attention. After nudging stuff and my having to catch some breakables, I finally had to physically remove her and say, harshly, "NO!" Then she left the top of the organ alone and hasn't gone back. I still don't see what was so attractive because I haven't changed anything up there.

This is very evident by the layer of dust that lies on the organ top. Oh dear. You could write your name in it. I need to clean that off but I can't find the dust rag. This is not a problem. I simply go into the basement and grab a new piece of something from the rag box.

So, I'm dusting and I'm thinking I should put the amaryllis I got for Christmas last year from Bill, in the basement. I don't know if the thing needs to be in a chilly environment to reflower, but it's been sitting, in the gorgeous box that came with it, in the same place since February. The stalk has long shriveled and I pinched everything back, but I never got around to moving it to the basement. I'd water it but that's about all. I really like the ceramic box it's in. In my mind's eye, it's the perfect box for a candle or other Christmas decoration. I just haven't gotten that far.

I pick up the container and decide it really should be moved to the basement and I see this.

Is that a bit of green? Is that the beginnings of a leaf? I quickly soaked the bulb in water. I don't know if I should feed it. I can't imagine the bulb is going to flower again. The sad reality of these is that they are designed to be one year flowers; bloom and then add to the compost pile. I never got that far.

I guess we'll see what happens. I put it back in the container and put the container back on the top of the organ. I loved the colors of this amaryllis and would be thrilled if it bloomed again.

I'll also be happy with green leaves. They will be welcome in winter.

Beverage:  Darjeeling tea


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