Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It Works!

Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time to finally set up the printer I bought back in October. To say my name could be synonymous with "procrastination" could be something of an understatement.

There was the big Iowa Nebraska football game on TV on Friday. I decided that was the perfect day to haul the printer out and get it set up. Step one was making room for it on the computer desk. When that was done and all the bits of tape which held doors, etc, closed, I installed the ink.

It's fairly compact in size and prints in color. It's also a fax, which I won't ever use, and a scanner, which I anticipate using quite a bit, or, I have ideas that I'll use it a lot. It will also photocopy things which is good because prior to this, I had to remember to take items to the office to do that.

It was very simple to set up the physical part of the printer. When it came to getting it to actually print, well, that was something else. I had to call on a guild member, Chris, to explain what some of the commands I was seeing were. With his help, I am hooked up wirelessly to the printer and it actually works. I am thrilled.

So now, I have this box in the living room.

When I brought the box home, Pilchard jumped up on it as it was quite tall and cats like to be up above things, particularly the floor. Now that it's empty, I'm thinking, come January, I'll make several pads to go on the inside. I have a lot of fabric which would lend itself to being turned into sleeping pads. If I use quilt batting, I can toss the whole thing in the wash. Put blanket edging around it and it will be soft and comfortable.

She really like this, mainly because it's her size, not too big and not too small. To further protect the inside, I could cover the "floor" with contact paper so when the inevitable hairball arrives, clean up will be a breeze and the box's integrity won't be compromised. I also think I'll look through the toys and hang some from the "ceiling". Best of all, I can replace several of the current boxes with this one big box.

I'm happy with a printer that works. The girls are happy with a giant box. Total win-win. And the Hawkeyes won, too.

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