Monday, August 12, 2013


A while back, Dragon Stitches and Stuff, a blog you can find to the right or by following the link, had a contest to give away the instructions to make these two pillows. My name was drawn and they arrived at the end of last week.

Now, applique and I have never really gotten along. I find her to be quite finicky and sometimes, outright demanding. So why do what was required for a contest with the idea that I could, actually, win? Well, the left pillow doesn't really interest me. The right pillow, however shows great potential. Oh yes, I can have great fun with that design.

Now, now, don't cluck at me about how I have 3 boxes of patterns and magazines and incomplete projects. Also please to remove your nose from the office closet where my boxes of fabric are located. I know. I know. I need another pattern filled with good intentions like I need a zit on the top of my nose. Since I've had the zit, your argument is invalid. ;)

I intend to put my feet up during this vacation that is rapidly approaching, watch movies and get back into crochet. I also set aside the cross-stitch I started in early April because I was working on it when the car died at the end of April. You know how things take on the association with events? Well, I haven't touched it since getting home from that misadventure. I've decided to pull it out and work on it again. One afternoon with the thread laid out across the back of a cat who wants my lap and I'll feel that I can pick it up again and finish it. The whole goal of selecting the project in the first place was that I've had it for years and I'm trying to remove projects. (I hear you clucking at me. Shhhh.)

This pillow isn't something I'll drop everything to work on. It's going in the box with the other grand ideas. When I get around to it, you'll be the first to know.

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