Friday, August 9, 2013

The Return of the Dart

While shopping for a new purse, I chanced across this shirt.

If you know me, you know I'm attracted to bright and color and patterns. On sale makes this even more attractive. I don't have anything with a cream colored background so this fills a niche in my wardrobe.

I brought it home and, first thing, removed the shoulder pads. Have we not gotten over the whole "Dynasty" period of clothing? Women don't want to look like NFL linebackers. Shoulder pads are a necessity in tailored suits but in gauzy shirts? Absolutely not. Even when they were popular, I used to cut them out of clothing. For awhile, I had about 2 dozen in a box with my sewing stuff, thinking I'd find a way to reuse them. Nah. I stuffed them in the bottom of a give away bag, same thing I did with these.

But there's one thing about this shirt that makes it unique. There are darts in the front. If you sew and are close enough to my age, you know what a dart on the front of a woman's blouse is and why it's there. For decades, darts were nowhere to be found. When I learned to sew, you couldn't find a shirt, blouse or dress that did not have front darts, sometimes 2 of them. They make the front of the shirt conform to a woman's body shape. Without darts in the front, we tend to get "gap-osis", that annoying separation in the middle of the front of a button up blouse. Because you just couldn't find a shirt or blouse with darts, we have to resort to other means to make our clothing lie flat. It's not pretty.

This is exciting. It doesn't make me want to drop huge sums of money to redo my wardrobe. But, as I replace items, I'm going to be looking for the return of the dart. Not everything will have these. Some designers still consider them a reflection of ancient times and "haven't we grown beyond these"? I think some design elements in women's clothing are worth bringing back, however. They make all of us look good.

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