Monday, August 26, 2013

Saving For the Next

Looks a bit sparse, doesn't it? Part of getting ready for vacation was hauling this container to the bank to have the saved change counted. It always looks like more than it is even as I tell myself, "It's only $37.82 worth" so as not to get my hopes up that I'll be independently wealthy based solely on my pocket change.

It weighed 5 pounds; five POUNDS. That's a lot of weight in coinage even when coins of today have less mass than coins from my youth. Don't believe me? Go find a penny from 2001 and hold it with one from 2011. There is a very noticeable difference. So too with nickles. Jefferson's visage grinning at me does not compensate for the innards of a nickle being substantially reduced. I've heard new coins cause problems with vending machines which rely on mass to trip levers which record amounts and allow you to have that candy bar, soda or bag of chips.

Off I went. I heard the clank clink of the coins in the machine and the whirr of gears as things were separated and sorted. When all was accounted for, I had $75 worth. Not bad. Not bad, considering I almost never use paper money anymore which means the contributions to both the lucky cat and the change box have slowed to a trickle. I should conduct an experiment to see if I'd spend less, more or the same amount if I had to pay with dollars and change versus hauling out the debit card and having it pulled from my account. It would take planning, that's for sure, since I use my debit card for everything.

The $75 I started the week of 8-11 with wound up being $45 by the time I actually left on vacation. This and that and something else gnawed at the bills. But, this was 'gravy money' to me. I had not planned for this cash in my total needed for the trip. It helped tremendously, with lunches and a metro card and other little things that I needed during the week. I returned with $13 and change, change which has gone into the lucky cat and the container.

The next thing I want is a printer for the new computer. I'd get more letters written, more pictures printed, more things done at home if I had a home printer. That will be substantially more than 7 quarters but the savings has begun again. I found a loose penny in my purse at lunch today. Score!

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