Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Things That I Saw - Part the Sixth

Let's just say two words, "Wide Load". Both of these photos are blurry.

This is heading east on Interstate 70 towards Dayton, Ohio. I wonder how much it would cost to transport a fully constructed ranch-style house and set it up on your lot. This is not something that would probably pay in the suburban/urban setting. I'm thinking that house would take up, easily, three-quarters of my street and then require probably magic to get it situated on my lot. But, if you are rural, I'll bet this is quite cost effective.

This was a storage tank, the middle one of three heading south on Interstate 79 north of Pittsburgh. They were miles apart. It would have made for quite the photo to see them traveling in a convoy.

I saw lots of earthmoving equipment moved by truck. The whole premise of the Eisenhower Expressway system was that overpasses were high enough to move military equipment, some of which was large and tall. If the goods are large and need to be moved great distances, you can't go wrong with the Interstate.

It also makes for interesting speculation on the final destination or, in the case of the tanks, just what are those going to be used for. Ooooh. Maybe they contain cocoons of the species of moth known as...

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