Saturday, August 24, 2013

Appreciating Black Cats

While I was on vacation, Black Cat Appreciation Day passed. I couldn't post on that date although I have a couple new photos of a particular black cat.

On Wednesday, August 14th, I managed to pack 90% of my stuff into the car in preparation for the trip to Virginia. Thursday morning, at 5:45 a.m., I got up and finished the packing in the effort to get out the door at 6:15. I left the back door open to facilitate getting into the house. These two won't leave the deck, well, usually won't. HRH left the deck on Friday when I left the back door open but had the screen up. All I had to do was spot her sitting under the trees on the north side of the house and yell at her. She dashed back inside.

Anyway, as I finishing the loading of the car, here was Ms. Pilchard checking out the smells on an early Thursday morning. The dew was heavy on the grass so I left damp footprints on the deck and tracked water into the house. Pilchard dashed back inside as I climbed onto the deck to go inside. She then stood in the doorway and just watched.

Yup. There we have black cat laser eyes. I felt kind of sad to be leaving for a week. I would miss my girls, but Pam took care of them so I knew they would be in good hands.

I think I mentioned this last year but it bears repeating. Black cats are 75% less likely to be adopted from a shelter. There is no reason why other than their color. There's no difference in temperament between a black cat and any other cat. It's simply that our ancestors equated black cats with witches and it's one fallacy that is hard to shake. While I call Pilchard my "diva", she's no different than Mija. Each one has quirks that define their personality. I actually rather enjoy being "yelled" at by Pilchard. I'd rather she voice an opinion than pee in my shoes.

So, here's to appreciating black cats. If you or anyone you know is thinking of adopting a cat, hie thee to your local animal shelter and look for a black cat. They match any color of furniture and you'll have a friend for life.

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