Friday, March 7, 2014

Summer Task

It feels and smells like spring out there today. What a welcome respite because it's supposed to rain, sleet and snow overnight tonight. Then, it's supposed to pop up to nearly 50 on Monday. Oh be still my heart. Yeah, well, that's not going to last. Maybe I can get my winter coat washed this weekend. It needs to be hung in the bathroom to dry so it's a multi-day event.

We had a 3 inch snow fall on Wednesday during the day. When I got home, I debated about shoveling. I knew we were to get warm weather yesterday and today, which would make short work of that 3 inches. But I also wanted to make sure it melted and opened up the areas where I usually walk. So, I grabbed the shovel and off we went.

The paint on the front steps has worn off quite a bit this winter. I am going to need to repaint the front steps and the deck this summer. At least I know it's coming.

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