Saturday, March 22, 2014

Do You Or Don't You?

You're running late for work and don't have time for lunch. You're running late for work and that carefully prepared lunch is forgotten. You're sent thither and yon and so bringing lunch wouldn't be possible. You're running errands and they take overly long so it doesn't make sense to run home, eat, and run back out. Whatever the reason, you find yourself walking into a fast food establishment for lunch or dinner. I got into the habit of walking into the restaurant when the window zippers on the previous top broke and I couldn't get the driver's side window to zip completely down. Now, I park and get out because I need to be walking, not sitting.

You place your order and they hand you the cup for your soda or your pop or your coke or whatever you call the carbonated beverage in your neck of the woods.

I happened to spend quite a few lunches at Arby's this week. Walk over to the beverage dispenser and hit the ice tab. First time is probably not enough ice, so you tap it again. Out comes the crystalized goodness which will water down your drink and keep it chilled.

So, I ask you, as an informal poll, is the second tap of the ice dispensing tab just enough ice for your tastes or too much or not enough? I find that, at least at Arby's, and I would have to conduct this experiment at other places, the first tap isn't enough. The second tap is usually too much. I shake out ice and sometimes discover I have shaken out too much and so I have to try, very hard, to tap the dispenser ever so lightly in the hopes that just enough cubes will fall. What's just enough? Well, for me, about an inch and a half of ice in the bottom of the cup.

And it's funny how wedded I am to that amount. More than that and I'm dumping out ice. Less than that and I have to add more. It must drive the help crazy to see people like me trying ever so mightily to get the perfect amount, by their personal standards. I take what I'm given when I go through the drive through, but I'll spend 3 minutes at the soda machine working on the perfect amount of ice.

Do you?

Beverage:  Darjeeling Tea


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  1. Ice should be a frozen cube of whatever liquid you are drinking. If you are drinking Coke, the ice should be made of Coke. If you are drinking Lemonade, the ice should be made of Lemonade, etc. That way, when your ice melts, it doesn't "water" down your drink but adds a little blast of cold "whatever."