Monday, January 27, 2014


Going out to shovel over this month, I've encountered some interesting tracks.

I don't know whose these are, probably a cardinal. I thought it was very interesting that they landed and headed right for the bird bath. I need to figure out some kind of free flowing water for the birds. They really have become dependent upon the bird bath.

These tracks belong to a rabbit, I believe, or possibly a squirrel. It's interesting to me that they hopped up on the bottom step of the front steps to continue on their way.

I'm thinking these belong to a cat. If you've ever watched a cat walk, the rear legs go in the same spot as the front legs. I used to know what kind of tracks these are, meaning all animals can be grouped into certain categories based on their tracks.

These were along the side of the house and then headed under the deck. It makes me sad that someone thinks letting their cat out in the winter is a good idea. Frostbite occurs on the bottom of a cat's or dog's feet as surely as it occurs on ours. I didn't see any cat under the deck so I'm hopeful it went inside to be warm. Since seeing these tracks a couple weeks ago, I have not seen them since.

Rabbits and squirrels are the most active even during these bitter cold days. Raccoons and opossums should be in hibernation but I'm wondering who chewed through my garbage can lid.

This doesn't seem like something a squirrel would do; raccoon yes, squirrel, no. And wouldn't heavy duty plastic taste really, really bad?

During the first heavy snow of January, I found tracks leading from the remnants of deck bench out into the snow.

This is right across from the garbage can. I don't know who was hiding under this leaning bit of wood, but, with the snow, I'm sure it was warm enough for them.

Since the warm-up of the 19th, I haven't seen any tracks coming from that area. I see tracks coming from under the deck. It's interesting to see these and to know that the area around my home is alive with wildlife even if I don't see the animal itself.

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