Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So Easy, My Brother Could Make It

Right after the new year, during the first heavy snow when I didn't go to work because there was 8 inches of white stuff to be moved about, I tried a new chocolate cake recipe. This was fished out of one of the ancient mailing envelopes that contain my recipes. I'm pretty sure it dates from the 1980's but it was quick and didn't take many ingredients.

Yup, that's the full extent of ingredients, other than oil and an egg. The morsels I'd had in the back of the cupboard. You can see the chocolate has "bloomed". This was a good way to use up half the bag.

The recipe said to mix the whole mess in the 9 x 13 pan in which it's baked but I couldn't find a compelling reason, other than not dirtying a bowl, for doing that. That is probably why it was suggested. You just dump everything in the pan, including one egg and half cup of vegetable oil, and mix with a fork.

The batter is quite thick. You stir until everything is 'moistened'. I found that not everything got incorporated at the bottom of the bowl and had to do a bit more stirring to make sure all the dry ingredients were mixed together. Then, it goes into a 350 oven for 45 minutes or until the top springs back when touched.

It's a lovely chocolatey color and made the house smell so nice. I cut the cake while warm and topped it with Oberweis' Banana Fudge Walnut ice cream. This is the best ice cream. Oh my.

I have decided I can't keep this in the house. It's so good, I'll eat half a quart as a meal and that's so not good, good tasting yes but good health, no.

The cake freezes very well. I had a couple of pieces the day I made it and then froze the rest in individual sandwich bags. I grab a piece and toss it in my lunch bag. It's not crumbly. It's very dense so it holds up well to the thawing process which can cause a deterioration in texture and cohesion.

If you are interested in the actual recipe, let me know and I'll give you the exact ingredient amounts. This turned out to be a good recipe, fast to put together and good to freeze for lunches.

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