Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Got Mine

You are free to point and go, "Ewwww", but this has been a staple in my kitchen.

According to Wikipedia, it was invented in 1908 and one of its selling points is how it melts evenly. I love a good sharp cheddar, a nutty swiss or creamy mozzarella. My Subway turkey sandwiches have provolone on them. But if I'm making homemade macaroni and cheese or having tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for supper on these cold winter nights, I want my cheese to melt uniformly, without lumps and stringiness. Wikipedia says the name is meant to connote "velvety smoothness". For awhile, there was a "lite" version that supposedly had 25% less fat. Meant to appeal to the burgeoning low fat market, I haven't seen it on the shelves in years. Come on. If you are buying Velveeta, low fat is not what you're interested in.

I have to giggle at the announced Velveeta shortage. It seems, with some sporting event dominating the headlines in the coming weeks, the preferred cheese for all those cheese dips and bacon cheeseburgers and cheesy hot dishes was going to be in short supply. I wondered if this mirrored the Johnny Carson toilet paper shortage of 1973. Hearing on the news that Kraft acknowledges a shortage kind of took the guffaw out of my thoughts.

So, I looked at my unopened box sitting on the refrigerator shelf. As it gets closer and closer to the Super Bowl, just how much would someone pay for an unopened box, assuming the shortage is not alleviated? Then, Monday night, I craved macaroni and cheese. So much for an unopened box of Velveeta.

Beverage:  Rooibos tea


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