Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not Quite Topless

With summer weather and the clear blue skies and hot temperatures that brings, I have considered going topless. This is the best I have done so far.

There is one primary reason for this. The visor I had that I wore when going topless, doesn't fit right anymore.

Prior to the replacement of the top, the visor would find itself on the floor in the back where water would come in due to the tears in the old top. Then, I'd smash the visor by covering it with equipment or groceries or whatever else. It's rather misshapen at the moment. I attempted to wear it, but it digs into the right side of my face. I had a nice red welt when I last wore the thing. It shouldn't be that difficult to replace.

Riiiight. I spent 3 hours on Sunday wandering about the mall looking for visors. Now, I admit that I am being somewhat picky. I don't want just a visor. That won't stay on my face as I start zipping down the road at 70 miles per hour. What I would like, ideally, is a visor that looks like it used to be a baseball cap and they cut out the cap part, leaving a one inch strip around the cap and the bill. The back is adjustable so you can make it fit your head size.

I don't have prescription sunglasses which would sort of remove the need for a visor to shield my eyes from the sun. I tried a baseball cap, but I would have to do a "Harrison Ford" and staple the hat to my head to keep it from flying off. So, lacking the visor, I'm just tooling around in a windowless Jeep.

I did remember one of the other reasons taking the top off isn't so great when the temperatures soar into the 90's and beyond. If I park in the office lot with the Jeep facing west, I have to remember to bring a towel to sit on. Even pants don't ease the heat coming off the front seat after a day spent in the sun.

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