Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Reason to Like Them

When I need hardware supplies, I go here.

It's on the way to and from the office. They were very helpful in getting my deck and front porch stained and painted last year. I buy garbage stickers here. When the office needs hand tools or the like, we come here. Sometimes the small size of the store works to its disadvantage. On this particular shopping trip, they did not have a replacement sponge for my mop. In fact, they didn't even carry the brand I bought there last year which now needed a new mop head. I wound up going to a different Ace Hardware to get it.

On this trip, I was checking out and my clerk said to the other clerk, "Have you see Ace around today?" She replied, "He was down here earlier this morning, but I think he went back upstairs." My clerk looked at me and chuckled, "That cat."

I looked at her. "This store has a cat?"

"Oh yes," she replied. "We've had him for, oh, 3 months now. He's very friendly, when he wants to be, of course."

"A rescue?"

"Absolutely. One of the guys spotted him trying to get into one of the dumpsters behind the store. He was scrawny, looked like he hadn't had a good meal in months, but he was friendly. So, the owner let us bring him inside, got him all his shots and had him fixed. He is happy as a clam and has no desire to go back outside. He's probably about 3 years old. Usually, he sleeps on the paint counter, but he has the run of the store. We named him 'Ace', of course."

How awesome is that? Seriously? They took in a stray and he's now the store cat. A cat will adapt better to a store environment than a dog because you don't have to take a dog out for a walk. She said someone is always here and on the handful of days the store isn't open, they have all the days covered for someone to come over and check on him.

I already liked this store. Now, I like it even better.

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