Sunday, July 7, 2013

Found Them

One of the "joys" of home ownership is dealing with wildlife on a regular basis. You never know where things will live if given the chance.

Lately, I'd noticed wasps around the recycling container. I thought, initially, I had spilled the dregs from a 2 liter of Dr Pepper onto the side or top and they were collecting the sugary residue. But, after emptying the paper bin into the can, I noticed that they seemed to be going under the lip of the container. That could only mean one thing. Tipping the can over, there they were.

That's quite the active nest they are building there. The one on the right is dry and desiccated so I think it was started late last year and abandoned. This will never do. I bring home the recycling from the office so my recycling can gets quite the work out. Yellow jackets and wasps do not like their home being disturbed so if I left this, I run the risk of getting swarmed and stung.

Yes, I pulled out the wasp killer and soaked it. I left it for two days to make sure any wasps that used to call the place home would leave if they had been away when the soaking happened. Then I knocked both out and sprayed the underside again.

It kind of tears at me to do this. I wouldn't mind if they built a nest in the back trees. They are part of the ecosystem and I hate disrupting this small portion because they aren't in a good spot. Let's adapt. But this isn't a place where I can adapt to them. Hence, forcible eviction it is. It was kind of interesting to watch them working over the nest before I sprayed.

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