Monday, July 8, 2013


Cats are such creatures of habit. If you disrupt one little thing about their lives, they can react in unpredictable and not positive ways. This weekend was a prime example.

In addition to repainting the top of the front steps and hanging the screen over the back door, I finally got around to scrubbing the kitchen floor. This is a monumental undertaking, involving the moving of the table and chairs in the kitchen. It also involves moving the food and water dishes.

Oh man was she not happy.

I tossed out the food in the dishes and got out fresh dishes for them. I have two sets of food and water dishes. Once a week, I wash the dishes. For an hour or so, they go without water and food in the kitchen. There is fresh water in the bathroom for them. You'd have thought I was denying her food for the rest of her days, with the looks and the meowing I got.

Then, the moving of the garbage can and the kitchen table and chairs caused both of them to scurry to the back of the house. It took me a good half an hour to thoroughly scrub the kitchen floor. I hadn't done it in several months and it took me a drive to another Ace Hardware than my usual one, to find a replacement mop head for my sponge mop.

I let the floor dry completely and then waited an additional 2 hours before putting the dishes back. They still gave the kitchen wide bearth. They would go to the kitchen doorway, look into it, then back at me, sitting in the recliner, and meow. I finally had to pick Pilchard up and carry her into the kitchen to prove it was okay to go in there.

From my point of view, it feels good to walk into a clean kitchen. You know that feeling. You work really hard to clean a room and then, when you walk into it, it just feels clean. I don't know if they notice beyond life is back to where it was before.

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