Friday, January 13, 2012

13 13 13 13

It's Friday the thirteenth, the first of three such days this year. The next one is in April.

I don't associate the number 13 with bad luck. I'd happily stay on the 13th floor in the 13th room in a hotel. It doesn't bother me.

The day started out with me finding a seam undone in the Iowa Hawkeyes winter coat. I'll simply need to stitch it closed before wearing the coat. Considering the coat is something like 10+ years old, an undone seam is nothing.

Next, I had to walk through 5 inches of snow to get to the car. It's light and powdery so it's not a big deal. I'm not even going to shovel until tomorrow but I will bring the garbage can back from the street. I left it there yesterday as it was snowing heavily when I got home.

I made a typo in a proposal and didn't catch it. Mike caught it and was very upset. I understand it's not good, to have a typo in a proposal. I didn't mean for it to be there. I have repeatedly said that we need a master copy of the proposal for me to work off of and he resists. We have one now whether he wanted it or not. I read and read and read these things before sending them out and I missed this because it was buried in a sentence that was newly added. Change it, send it out again and attach a humourous "oops" to the new proposal. Maybe they didn't even notice it because we're way early before the deadline.

So, living with a black cat is not bad luck. About the only bad luck involved is tripping over her in the dark.

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