Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time for Another Project

The weekend's stitching was productive. Saturday, I got this much done after wearing out my muscles shoveling.

Sunday, I finished the project.

Now, I need to trim the excess fabric, wash this and take it to be framed. It came out very nice, I think. I hope the recipient appreciates it.

One of this weekend's tasks is to look for the next project. I'm leaning toward finishing a Christmas gift I've had for a couple of years. WHAT? Actually finish something from the pile? I know. I know. That's so unlike the Sagittarius that is me. We are well known for having dozens of things started and not very many things finished. It leads to huge disorganization and I can get down on myself for all this stuff in various stages of completion. So, I've decided to do one task a weekend, even a small something, like sweep the floors. Finishing something gives me impetus to tackle something else. Instead of "I need to clean the house", it becomes, "I'm going to sweep the floors". Much easier to process. Much easier to handle with my arthritis and I have a sense of accomplishing something.

So, the weekend is "I'm going to trim the excess fabric, hand wash this, iron it and stick it with the framing coupon to get it done next week, after I get paid. Then, I will pick my next project." Maybe February is a book reading month. Hmmmmm......

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