Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Vexes Me #15

I'm worried that my juice drinking days, particularly juice that comes in a bottle, are over. I have been struggling, for a week, to get the bottle of juice to the left open. I don't know if it's hand or arm strength, but I could not open it. I tried a wet washcloth. I tried heat. I tried cold. I tried a dish towel. I finally brought it into the office and Doug opened it for me. Easily.

This frustrates and vexes me. How do other people do this? I will have to quit drinking bottled juice if I can't get tops open. I seem to be able to get some bottles open, but this one just refused to open.

I'm on the fence now about juice. Do I continue to purchase the bottles or should I start looking at the frozen juice concentrate simply because I'll be able to get the container open? What do others do who have a problem with arthritis in their hands and gripping is difficult? Maybe it was just this bottle?

In any case, Doug got it open for me so I'll be able to have juice tonight. I always mix my juice with seltzer or tonic water. It cuts the calories in half and gives me a fizzy drink. I think I like soda as much for the fizz as for the taste. Orange juice and seltzer water is a poor man's mimosa.

Beverage:  Edinburgh's Finest tea


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