Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bon Jour! Wilkommen! Hiya! Hello! Welcome!

Current tea flavor: Assam

Okay, here we go. I'm jumping into the vast world of cyberspace with my own blog, working without a net here and not having a large knowledge of all things web-ish. Point, click is my speed. Don't try to get me to edit Html. Been there, failed miserably.
But I was reading the blog of a good friend (jessietwopointoh) and she redesigned her site. I thought, "This looks sort of easy. Could I do it?" I asked her to help me and , the result is what you're reading.
What will be on these pages? Well, pretty much what I think about, read, experience, see, know, the same stuff every other blogger writes about but from my POV in this universe.
I can't thank Jessie enough for helping me get this set up. She even suggested the title. I drink tea like some people drink coffee. So, this is a work in progress, a large work in progress. You'll be needing to check back often to see what I ruminate on and what design and colors and bits I add and take away.


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