Monday, May 25, 2009

$182.67 and I forgot bananas.

So it's Memorial Day and I was up until the weeeeeeeee hours. You know you should go to bed when 1) the cats think you should be providing the morning feeding and 2) that's that annoying robin you hear every year singing in the neighbor's trees. Yeah, yeah, I didn't get up until...well...I'm not telling. Dishes are in the sink because I'm out of spoons and I read all the errant newspapers in the pile. (Hey Carole? Catalani made $306,000.) And I'm paying for the lateness with dry eyes just when they were 98% healed. I'm thinking this getting old business is not for wimps and sissies.
Explaining what I was doing up at that hour requires being able to insert photos into these posts and, for the life of me, I can't figure that out. (JESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!) That will come and will explain why I know several of the people who will, no doubt, publish random comments of the kind I adore and will explain a good bit of what I do with myself.
Random note: I added a link to my daughter's blog and to April and Perry's blog at the side. Carole said she was, "Scared" when I sent her the link to this blog. When asked why, she responded, "Because you're joining the technology age, invading my internetzzzzzzz." And in learning all this new stuff, I am effectively tossing aside 17th Century British poetry. That's a whole 'nother blog post.
But, as the dishes soak, I'm trying to clear off the kitchen counter so I can bake cookies. I bought the missing ingredients for three kinds; butterscotch, chocolate chip and peanut butter. As I have been so sick, I have only barely done any sort of kitchen maintenance so the stacks just got taller and taller. I have this craving for brats or hot dogs which necessitated the store run. When I started looking through the freezer and fridge, I realized, dang it, I'm out of a lot.
It's just me and the cats and they don't eat much people food, although Rascal ate some of my dry Cheerios last night. I have to share MY Cheerios with this cat now? I had not gone to the store since the first of May-ish. I went to visit Carole and I've been sick, so I cleaned out things rather than buy stuff that would just sit. (Promise you won't look in the vegetable or fruit drawers. I'm getting there. Kthksbai.) I'm out of toilet paper, kitty litter, pasta, cereal (including the aforementioned Cheerios-best cereal on the planet), cough drops, orange juice, hot dogs, brats, bread (How can I have the 10 p.m. pb sammich?), butter and the all important Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli.
I was going to go to Whole Foods, but, the more I realized what I really wanted, I wound up at Dominicks. Increasingly, the mainstream groceries have organic foods on their shelves although Dominicks NEEDS to stock Bob's Red Mill Scotch Oats. I'll have to go to Whole Foods for that. So, I can choose to be lower on the food chain in terms of my eating even if it's chips and hot dogs.
I get home and unpack my 6 bags of groceries and realize I have no bananas to go with my Cheerios. I think it's because the organic bananas were not available and I made a conscious choice to not buy conventional. Oh well, Whole Foods will have organic bananas. Time to refresh the Blackberry Sage tea and wash the bowls and silverware. To quote Christopher Robin, "Tut tut. It looks like rain."


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