Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the heat is still on...

Here is it, the end of May and I still have the heat on in the house. Granted, it only comes on after 8 p.m. and kicks on only sporadically, but it's May for pete's sake. It should be always above 60 at night, not 52, like it was last night.
I have a small space heater in my office and that's on, but it tends to be on all year 'round. When the AC finally kicks in, it gets really cold in my office in the morning. In the winter, the big windows to the southwest leak like cheesecloth so I have to have additional heat.
It's also gray and overcast and rainy and I have a headache.
The heavy cold is breaking up. You all know the feeling. I'm going from the completely stuffed head to the not stuff head but it's draining so I'm coughing again, a lot, and it's random and it can be debilitating. That's probably why I have a headache, the sloshing of the brain when I cough.
I have nothing to do at work today, nothing. I could clean a bit in my office. I do have a proposal to write and a report to UPS, but that's it. I have letters to write. Yes, I still write letters because, even in this technological age, I have friends who appreciate sitting down with paper and words and cups of tea and reading what I have been up to. I actually thought of bringing some of my magazines to work so I could wear down that pile. I probably could. Tomorrow, I have to go into the city and visit one of my projects, but, for today, I sit...and sit...and sit...

Tea flavor: English Teatime and I'm out so I have to nuke some water. I'll make Lady Grey. It's a good thing I have no snacks in my desk. I'd be eating out of boredom.


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