Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Score Times Two

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know I can spend a considerable amount of time on my feet. When you're dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis, that can be painful. When I started this job, I went for slides or mules; shoes without a back; which could be easily exchanged for work boots or grabbed when I was running late in the morning. One of the things I learned, in reading about RA, was that sturdy shoes with a back, were something worth an investment. I looked at my slides. Right. These are comfortable. Why would I think of replacing them?

Long ago, and I honestly don't have any idea how long ago it's been, I discovered Clarks shoes. They are pricey when purchased off sale or online or in their stores. But they have two things going for them. One, they wear like cast iron. Seriously. I just haven't had to replace Clarks because I've worn them out. And two, they are extremely comfortable. Adding both of these things together, the price paid for a pair of Clarks is, in my opinion, well worth it. You'll get years of wear out of a pair of shoes. Extra value comes when buying shoes from the outlet malls or when they are on sale. 

This spring, JC Penney had their spring Clarks sale. Now, I don't really need shoes, but I have now come to see the comment about RA and shoes is true. As much as I love my slides, I do not feel comfortable wearing them to work anymore. I've "walked out of" a couple pair frequently. And without the back, I'm not the most sure-footed in walking. So, I have three pair of comfortable Clarks slides on the shoe rack that I only wear when I'm not going to be walking a lot. I needed more shoes which would be good for being on my feet and doing inspections. Now is the time, when there is a sale, to be shopping. 

I took a gamble on a pair. 

Yes, they are red leather with two elastic straps across the top. Shoes found on aren't always in stores, but they are Clarks and I've never had a problem with those ordered online. These are wonderful. I think they match my personality. I would have loudly colored shoes to go with my loudly colored socks. 

Right before Memorial Day, Penney's had another sale. I was surprised to see Clarks included in that sale. Again, I don't really need shoes. The addition of the red ones was adequate for the shoe rotation while doing inspections. I have three pair I rotate through inspections. I find that wearing the same shoes in a row seem to promote achy joints and tired feet. Not so when I rotate shoes. 

These are comfortable and I anticipate wearing them for a long time. But...what's often happened is that I'll find a pair I like and wish, some months later, that I'd bought another pair in a different color. I looked through the sale. They had these in a different color. I spent three days thinking about it, looking at the budget, thinking some more. In the end, I decided this was a good buy for the budget because I won't need shoes now for some time. 


Blue shoes. They also had a black pair but I couldn't justify buying two pair even though I'm, effectively, retiring three pair of slides. As with the red pair, these are comfy and they look great with jeans and with or without socks. They are easy to get into and stay on my feet. I'm going to wear the heck out of them, although, probably not walk through the grass in the front yard after a rain. 

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