Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Crafting

I created this item last year. It was part of the desire to finish something which was started. I knew of a couple upcoming weddings so if I was invited to those, I'd have something finished. I wasn't invited so this languished in the drawer.

Then, a good friend announced he was marrying his longtime sweetheart in August. They have been together for some time so a toaster or a set of drinking glasses isn't needed. I remembered this piece that I'd never finished. It's perfect. It needs a backing. The bride's colors are royal blue and dove gray. This is where being something of a pack rat comes in handy. I happened to have royal blue lightweight satin in the material boxes.

I washed the piece, let it dry and then ironed it. Then I added their names and the date. I should have waited to wash it until after adding the date, but I didn't think that quite through. The bright red of the roses ran in the wash, even though I used cold water. It's not much but I was rather irritated by that. I guess it's a testament to the age of the project. Most kits come with color fast floss now.

I cut a piece of blue the same size and stitched the right sides together, leaving the top open to turn. Once turned, it was ironed.

The next step is to braid some ivory cording to make the hanger. The kit has enough cording to make a white tassel at the bottom of the piece but I think I want blue. I'm also fairly certain JoAnn Fabrics has ready made tassels so I don't have to make one on my own. I found something I need to have framed so there's another reason to go to JoAnn, not just for a tassel.

It looks good in its uncompleted state. We'll see if I can braid without "help" this week so I can finish this. I have a little over a month before the date. I can't go owing to where they are getting married, but I can send good wishes and a handmade gift.

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