Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Things I Do

If you recall last summer, I finally got the deck chairs out, scrubbed off and on the deck. This was a major accomplishment. Double that accomplishment was having the girls come out and join me.

First Pilchard.

Then Mija.

The problem was, if I was outside sitting, that left just one chair for them and that did not go well at all. I sort of joked that I'd need to get another chair so they could both be outside with me.

What color would I like?

I pulled into the Ace Hardware lot and was rather floored by the color selection.

I could even get one in, what's that material on the left there, wood? 

I love color. This much choice in plastic Adirondack-style chairs filled me with happiness until I went to get out of the aqua chair I sat in. Oh dear. I don't get up fast anymore. Although my RA isn't giving me problems, the osteoarthritis in my knees is. I don't know if anyone was watching but there was this gray-haired old lady struggling to get out of one of those chairs. She did it, but she knew this was not something she wanted to sit in on her deck. So, I looked at the tan and forest green basic plastic deck chairs. 

Again, I was drawn to color. The forest green chair would look sharp, sitting between my white deck chairs. But the deck gets sunshine for 75% of the day. About 2 p.m., that thing is going to be hot. I wouldn't sit in it. Why expect the girls to? Tan it was.

Actually, it doesn't look too bad.

I no longer see the bird bath from the office window to monitor who is using it. But now we can ALL be on the deck, sitting in chairs. We'll give these a test run next weekend.

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