Wednesday, October 7, 2015

T Minus 28 Days and Two Shirts

Shirt number two was finished last night.

It's hanging up in my closet. This weekend, I will cut and start work on shirt number 3. That one should be finished next week and then I can give these a washing before packing them for BlizzCon. Speaking of which, there are 28 days before I'm on a plane flying to California and 30 days, exactly, until the convention starts. I'll be going to Disneyland on Thursday for a few hours, with Elizabeth, while we await Ashley's arrival. It doesn't seem possible that I'm less than a month away from this trip I've been planning for 6 months. Everything seems to be in order but I am worried there will be something unplanned come up and make me overstressed. I have to remember to breathe when things get hairy.

I had help on this shirt.

When I have to pin stuff, I'll pop in a movie and recline. Mija usually sits next to me. She's not a lap cat but loves just being next to me, where she can demand ear scratches. Pilchard, on the other hand...

When she wants my lap, she wants me lap, regardless of what I happen to be doing. Here, I was attaching buttons to the front of shirt number 2. She demands my attention.

She has to smell my fingers, sometimes lick them.

Once I've been sufficiently smelled, I'm allowed the opportunity to scratch. Of course, this stops all work on the shirt, and that is, possibly, the reason for the leap into the lap.

So, here we go, down to the wire. I would have had these done earlier if I hadn't gotten sick. Oh well. What's that aphorism? If it wasn't for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn't get done.

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