Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Simple Happiness

We picked up business in Iowa this month. It required my boss driving to the state to do sales calls and get clients squared away with our services. On one trip back, he stopped at a gas station near Iowa City for a fill-up. Needing a soda, he went inside and saw this by the register.

"Are these free?" he asked the clerk?

"Absolutely," she said. "Take one or two. We have plenty."

It's a magnet! Instead of printing off the schedule and having a dog-eared piece of paper on the fridge for 3 months, I have a magnet. He came into my office and said he'd found something for me. He seemed genuinely amused that I was so thrilled with a magnet. "I kinda figured you'd get a kick out of this," he said.

The office is moving this year and we looked at a space that will work nicely. It does mean a longer commute for me, but having seen the prospective space, I'm okay with the drive. We get to paint our offices any color we like. In my potential new office, there is a door, a bank of windows and we're going to put a sliding window with a ledge so I can see who comes into the office and accept deliveries. I would have one long wall with nothing on it. I had given thought to painting it black and putting a gold tiger hawk on it, with the rest of the walls in a heather or dove gray. But the more I think about it, I think that's too much black. No, I won't reverse the colors. GAH! That's way too much gold. I think I will paint all the walls the dove gray and put a black tiger hawk on the wall. Then, the other items, like my photos and posters can go on the walls and it will feel unified while announcing to everyone what team I root for.

Two weeks. Two weeks to the start of football season.

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