Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Only One

I had hoped, after seeing this one in late August, that there would be more.

Nope. I haven't seen another since I found this one in the yard. It had a damaged wing so I knew it wouldn't be making a flight to Mexico.

I remember when the backyard was filled with monarchs. This is very distressing. Climate change and man's destruction of their habitat is, for sure, to blame. Pesticides? I don't remember the mosquito patrol driving through the neighborhood spraying for mosquitoes. Perhaps there were bugs this year because it was cooler and wetter than last year, but they didn't seem to be as prevalent as last year when we had all the hot weather after a soggy June.

It's too late in the year, now to see any unless there are cocoons around that I haven't found. It makes me sad. I need to plant a few more butterfly attractive flowers next year. It will take a bit to reestablish this as a butterfly habitat, but any little bit helps now.

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