Saturday, November 21, 2015

They Have Feet

While searching for the photo I just know I took, I stumbled upon a series from a couple years ago now that I intended to blog about and never got around to doing. I don't remember how I stumbled onto this indiegogo project, but it was an intriguing idea. This was early in my exploration of crowd funded items. It feels good to me to help artists or people in need, or projects of narrow interest get funded. Some things don't. There was a Shakespeare card game that looked hilarious, but it never got the required funding so it was pulled and my money refunded.

I got a couple things this person did. The items looked cute and they came in a variety of sizes. I got a large and a medium cat bowl.

Now, I'm not one of those people who will scream, "Take my money! Here! All of it!" if you happen to show me something with a cat theme to it. I'm trying to divest myself of stuff, not add to it. But things which help me; things which are useful; and things that are, well, just plain cool I'll contribute toward. These items fall into all three categories. (Hmmmm..."Cat"egories.)

Will you look at this.

"Footed" bowls made from very dense china.

I bought them; helping the artist in the process; because this design concept is hilarious. What I have discovered in the two years since they arrived and were put into service, is when I put food in the small bowl, that's the bowl which is usually eaten from first. (I rotate my food bowls, which every owner should.) The big one is rotated with another large one and used for water. Neither of these can be knocked over very easily, a big plus if someone gets startled while eating. They wash up nicely and just look cool. also has dog bowls in this design.

I have been extremely happy with my bowls. I meant to blog about them when they came, to rave about the design and urge you all to get one. Why get them for your pets? Put candy in them for the corner of your desk at the office. Or, for your next party, get a set and put the crudities in them. These are cat approved so you know they are good quality.

Now to find the photo I originally was looking for.

Beverage:  Huckleberry Tea


P.S. Still haven't found the photo I was originally looking for but I did find one of the small bowl in use.

It is the perfect (or is the "purrfect"?) size for cat food.

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